QLD Government to explore traumatised children training roll out for ECEC educators
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QLD Government to explore traumatised children training roll out for ECEC educators

by Freya Lucas

July 19, 2019

The recent delivery of an award winning training course, aimed at helping children to overcome trauma and live happy lives, to over 2000 Queensland child protection workers has proved to have such high impact that the State Government have announced they are exploring how to roll it out to those working in early childhood education and care (ECEC). 


In addition to the 2,000 child protection workers who recently completed the course, a further 3,500 are enrolled. Queensland Minister for Child Safety, Di Farmer, said Queensland’s peak body for child protection, PeakCare, had been given $250,000 to develop the training, which is being delivered to workers in residential care facilities across the state.


“The children who are placed in residential care are often the children who’ve experienced the most severe trauma imaginable – absolutely heartbreaking stuff,” Ms Farmer said.


“As a result, these children act out that profound trauma with really extreme behaviours, far beyond what your average foster carer has the capacity to manage safely.


Ms Farmer said the training had proven so useful to residential care workers, the Department would explore ways to make similar training available to more people, such as those employed in ECEC roles, working with children who are under Guardianship. 


“All existing residential care staff in Queensland are required to complete the training and we have received incredibly positive feedback about the training with other jurisdictions also interested in it,” she said.

“What this training does is it helps (those working with children experiencing trauma) to understand the incredible trauma that is behind these extreme and highly confronting behaviours, and give them the skills they need to respond in a compassionate and constructive way.

The training, which is delivered through e-learning modules, was developed in direct response to a Carmody recommendation for child safety reform, Ms Farmer explained. 


Having only been live since late 2018, with a staggered rollout meaning the final modules went live in May 2019, Ms Farmer said “it’s incredible to see that more than 2,000 workers have already completed all ten modules.”


PeakCare executive director Lindsay Wegener said the comprehensive training program equips professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to help children and young people recover and heal from the trauma of past experiences of abuse or neglect, and to instil in them hope for a better future. 


Mr Wegener thanked the State Government for investing in the safety and future of Queensland’s children and young people.


“There can be no better investment made by a government. It’s what the public expects and these children, young people and their families deserve no less.” he added. 


Those who have participated in the training described it as engaging and very informative about trauma and its effects. 


More information about the training may be found here

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