City of Bayswater launching RAPs for 7 centres
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City of Bayswater launching RAPs for 7 centres

by Freya Lucas

July 18, 2019

Seven early childhood education and care (ECEC) centres located in the City of Bayswater , Western Australia, will learn more about First Nations culture with the launch of Bayswater Child Care Association’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at an event on 11 July.


Two occasional care centres, two outside school hours care services, and three long day care centres will be covered under the RAP, which a representative said “aims to embed Indigenous culture into educational programs” as part of the plan. 


The plan was developed within the organisation, in conjunction with Social Worker and Child Family Services Specialist William Hayward, and Pioneers Aboriginal Corporation Managing Director Donna Nelson.


Mr Hayward and Ms Nelson hosted training days in the classroom and at Point Walter, where they took the staff on a dreaming trail and shared stories.


Manager of long day care service Maria Stella said she hoped the children could share what they learned with their families.


Speaking with Community News, Mr Hayward said the role of educators in instilling the values and principles of reconciliation was significant. 


“I am very pleased with the strong commitment has been made to nurture and build reconciliation in the hearts and minds of children at the most critical developmental milestones,” he said.


He in turn hoped the efforts would have “an enduring positive influence that time will return with great fruits”. 


“It is a work that all Australians linked to the Bayswater Child Care Association should embrace and celebrate.”


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