Dan Tehan to remain as Minister for Education in updated Morrison Cabinet

Dan Tehan to remain as Minister for Education in updated Morrison Cabinet

by Jason Roberts

May 27, 2019

Dan Tehan, Member for Wannon, will continue as Federal Minister for Education under Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s new ministry, where he  will also continue to oversee the early childhood education and care sector as part of his broader ministerial brief.


Mr Tehan was first appointed to the position of Federal Education Minister in August 2018 following the succession of Malcom Turnbull as Prime Minister of Australia.


Prior to his appointment as Education Minister Mr Tehan served as Minister for Social Services in Mr Turnbull’s second ministry.


Mr Tehan, had expected to retain his position noting post the election that “The Prime Minister made it clear during the campaign he would like me to continue on.”


Mr Tehan, will commence his fourth term in Parliament, having secured victory in the seat of Wannon with 61.6 per cent of the preference vote after 86.8 per cent of votes having been counted.


In a letter confirming his reinstatement, Mr Tehan vowed to continue to implement the child care reforms undertaken by the Coalition last year, and to continue to take “strong action against non-compliant child care providers.”


He thanked his electorate of Wannon for putting its faith in him, saying “it is only possible to serve as Australia’s Education Minister because of the wonderful support my local communities have given me.”