Children inspired to be earth ambassadors in Dutch VR space experience

Children inspired to be earth ambassadors in Dutch VR space experience

by Jason Roberts

May 15, 2019

A fifteen metre long rocket-like vehicle, dubbed the SpaceBuzz, equipped with the latest in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies is being built with the specific intention of giving young children the opportunity to see the earth through the eyes of an astronaut in a bid to raise awareness of our earth and its preciousness.


Known as the “Overview Effect”, viewing earth from outer space against the backdrop of our solar system provides a glimpse at not just its beauty but also just how vulnerable it is and in so doing is said to trigger profound changes in how we perceive our planet forever.


Astronaut Andre Kuipers who has been closely involved with the realisation of the project noted that “from space I saw how beautiful and special the earth is. We humans are all Astronauts of a Spaceship called Earth. We need to take incredible care of our planet.”


The virtual reality simulator will see children experience a launch, a space flight and a landing. The educational component of the experience is facilitated by a “Mission Control” narrator that shares with its passengers specific information about the flight but also important global themes of the 21st century.


The flight experience is one of three components of the programme with the other two focussing on pre flight training and post flight education.  


The objective of the programme is to inspire and motivate a new generation of young people to become ’Ambassadors of planet Earth.”


For more information on the SpaceBuzz program please click here.