Goodstart releases CCS estimator to measure impact of major parties ECEC policies

by Jason Roberts

May 08

Goodstart Early Learning has released a new Child Care Subsidy estimator that has been designed to calculate how the early childhood education and care (ECEC) related election promises made by the two major political parties are likely to impact on an individual family’s cost of care.


The estimator, which can be found here, asks a series of eight questions that once answered provides an estimate of how much better off or worse off the family would be under each of the two policies ie: Coalition or Labor.


The questions focus on the number of children in care, the number of days and hours the children attend, centre fees, an estimate of combined family income and activity rates, the state in which the family is living and the type of family with regards to work practices.


This special election estimator is the second estimator created by Goodstart, the first being the highly successful Child Care Subsidy estimator released by the organisation to help families understand the impact of the new legislation on their child care expenses which saw over 400,000 visits in the five months following its launch in March 2018.


For more information on the special election policy estimator please click here.