FDC stars set to shine during National Family Day Care Week
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FDC stars set to shine during National Family Day Care Week

by Freya Lucas

May 06, 2019

Tens of thousands of children across Australia will have their “unique star qualities” celebrated at picnics and events to be held this week during National Family Day Care (FDC) Week.


The annual celebration, which runs from 6 May to 12 May, will feature nation wide events centring on the theme “Every Child is a Star”, designed to highlight the unique strengths and qualities of each child.


With more than 131,000 children enrolled in FDC around the country, Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) CEO, Andrew Paterson, said acknowledging the unique and diverse range of children accessing FDC was “at the heart of family day care itself.”


The week long celebration provides an opportunity for families, educators and communities to come together and showcase the important role FDC plays in their community.


Mr Patterson the event was more than community engagement, however, noting that educators working in FDC are “shaping and supporting the unique lives, hopes and dreams of over 131,000 children around the country.”


Recent research conducted by FDCA has shown that for over 70 per cent of parents, the small group setting and natural home environment was a deciding factor in selecting FDC as their child care option of choice.


“The ability for family day care educators to provide one on one attention in a natural home environment is something that cannot be replicated in other early childhood education and care settings.” Mr Patterson said.


He noted that the small group sizes and home environments offered by FDC providers are “something that our research has shown is a key contributor to the high levels of satisfaction that families enjoy with family day care.”


97 per cent of the families surveyed by FDCA were happy with their family day care service provider, and many educators and providers noted that the strong bonds that they form with the children is what they enjoy most about being a family day care educator.


For more information about celebrations happening in your local area, visit the FDCA website here.

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