BeyondBlue welcomes Government commitment to mentally healthy workplaces
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BeyondBlue welcomes Government commitment to mentally healthy workplaces

by Freya Lucas

April 08, 2019

Australian independent non-profit organisation Beyond Blue has welcomed the Federal Government’s $11.5 million commitment over four years to create mentally healthy workplaces.


The commitment will be of interest to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, given the high rate of educator turnover in the sector, with many educators citing the demands of the role on their mental health and wellbeing, coupled with low rates of pay, as reasons for leaving the sector.


Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman said the funding would make a difference in supporting the mental health of 12.6 million working Australians, describing it as a landmark in moving the nation towards “a truly national approach to workplace mental health”.


“Beyond Blue has a strong record of supporting workplace mental health across all sectors and industries and is looking forward to collaborating with Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance partners on this next important step,” Ms Harman said.


The National Mental Health Commission will lead the four-year program on behalf of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, providing ‘hands on’ tools for workplaces around the country.


“After years of working with and listening to the needs of employers and employees, it’s clear we need to bring together the multiple and sometimes confusing array of programs,” Ms Harman said.


“The Initiative will do just that. It will detail what works and give workplaces clear, step-by-step processes for taking action, from sole traders and small businesses to multinationals.”


An important component of the program, Ms Harman said, would be creating links between workplaces and regulatory requirements, and fostering connections to localised programs in each state and territory, to reduce duplication.


“The Alliance is a unique grouping of business peak bodies, regulators, unions, researchers and mental health organisations which approaches workplace mental health from all angles and interests. What binds us is the knowledge that collectively we can lead real change for the benefit of millions of Australians and their families,” Ms Harman said in closing.

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