NSW services warned about second egg-based salmonella outbreak
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NSW services warned about second egg-based salmonella outbreak

by Freya Lucas

March 27, 2019

Food authorities in New South Wales issued a recall alert yesterday on eggs sourced from the Ash and Sons egg farm due to potential Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) contamination.


Those who have purchased the eggs should not consume them, and can return them to their place of purchase for a refund, authorities said. The quantity of eggs affected is relatively small, with the four products affected being sold at IGA, independent stores, bakeries and butchers across NSW.


Australian Eggs has been working closely with government authorities to identify supply chain links between farms after SE was identified in egg products last week,” Australian Eggs Managing Director Rowan McMonnies said.


“This latest farm was firmly on our radar because it is close to farms in which salmonella has recently been detected. The owners undertook voluntary testing for SE and the farm is now under quarantine.”


The NSW alert falls shortly after Victorian health authorities warned about the detection of a rare strain of salmonella resulting in the potential destruction of “hundreds of thousands” of chickens at one farm. The cull was likely to be ordered after the detection of salmonella in a supermarket egg recall which affected  Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.


Consumers have been warned by numerous authorities that raw eggs can contain salmonella, a bacteria which is killed when eggs are fully cooked.


NSW authorities have advised that eating eggs from other brands not affected by the recall is safe, provided the eggs are properly cooked.

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