New community based living concept has range of care services
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New community based living concept has range of care services

by Jason Roberts

March 22, 2019

New community based living concept includes range of childcare related services


Two US based companies have come together to launch Kin, a residential brand designed specifically to promote community living and support families with some of the challenges around raising children in inner city urban environments.


The concept focuses on community, convenience and value and amongst other things will provide the following facilities and experiences for residents:


  • Support families with young children’s needs – Kin will provide parents with daycare drop-off, stroller parking, on-demand child care, and personalised in-unit cleaning.


  • Sharing of resources – The close proximity of families within a Kin building, coupled with the power of technology, will allow for the sharing of resources, ranging anywhere from nannies to toys, driving affordability for families investing in the concept


  • Fostering connections – The community focus of the Kin designed facilities will enable families to meet and make connections with individuals going through the same life stage as themselves, through building-specific events like swimming lessons, holiday parties, cooking classes, and more.


The family focus of the Kin properties was inspired by the recognition that many city dwelling families were concerned about the cost of child care and lack of community. The national survey of city dwelling families conducted by Common and Tishman Speyer, the founders of Kin, also found that more than half of survey respondents highlighted that family support systems are often far away, with less than 15 per cent of families using grandparents and relatives as their primary care support.


Australian based urban researcher Dr Leila Farahani agrees noting that “Low-density suburban lifestyle has been associated with weaker social ties and increasing social isolation, especially in suburban nations like Australia and America.”


Brad Hargreaves, Founder and CEO at Common said “As a parent of two young children in New York City, I know the challenges firsthand and how truly isolating it can feel. Parenting should be a community experience, and we wanted to create a place where families can make connections with people going through the same problems, experiences, and joys.”


“We are focused on meeting the needs of America’s rapidly changing cities and the people who live in them,” said Rob Speyer, CEO and President of Tishman Speyer. “We partnered with Common to create this new model for young parents who prefer to stay in cities and want community, support, amenities and tech infrastructure to help them navigate the demands of parenting.”


More information about the Kin concept can be found at their website here.

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