Premiers coding challenge offers an opportunity for OSHC children
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Premiers coding challenge offers an opportunity for OSHC children

by Freya Lucas

February 26, 2019

The third annual Premier’s Coding Challenge has been launched by Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace, with the opportunity for children in years three to ten to win $10,000 in prizes.


The challenge presents an opportunity for children attending outside school hours care (OSHC) services to not only participate in the challenge, but to also discuss the core theme of the challenge – cyber safety – and how this is utilised in OSHC.


In launching the challenge, Ms Grace said it formed part of the broader Queensland Government Advancing Education action plan.


Describing the challenge as an “exciting, fun and engaging way” to get children involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Ms Grace said the Queensland Government was “committed to shaping our students into global citizens and preparing them for the jobs of the future, which is what this challenge is all about”.


In 2018, Ms Grace said, there was a significant increase in entries for the challenge, demonstrating the emphasis education communities are placing on coding, creativity and entrepreneurship skills.


In 2019, students participating in the challenge will be challenged to consider the importance of their digital footprint (the trail of online data they leave, and how to keep that data secure)


Children participating will be asked to choose from one of the following formats:


  • an app
  • a game
  • an animation
  • a website
  • a robotic prototype.


Then designing an innovative and interactive digital solution to raise awareness of cyber safety, providing useful tips for Queenslanders, along with a short video explaining or evaluating their entry.


The entries will be assessed by a panel of judges from government, education and industry. Information about how to enter the Premier’s Coding Challenge can be found here.

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