G8 seeks child protection and wellbeing leader to join support office team

G8 seeks child protection and wellbeing leader to join support office team

by Jason Roberts

January 30, 2019

G8 Education Ltd is seeking a child protection and wellbeing leader with a nursing background who will be the lead ambassador for child protection for the organisation.


The newly created role will develop, champion and lead strategic and operational child health, safety and wellbeing performance. In addition, they will help develop frameworks and systems for clinical and care governance, child protection for interpersonal harm, encourage and support all children to maintain healthy habits and behaviors, and facilitate community engagement regarding child protection and wellbeing.


The move comes in the wake of commitments made by G8 regarding the roll out of a new Child Safety and Protection program as part of it’s quality improvement road map announced at the company’s Strategy Update in November.  


The new program has been designed with the support of Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection organisation, and aims to encompass all of the requirements of Quality Area 2 while also incorporating deeper protections informed by the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


The ideal candidate would have a nursing background with a sound understanding of clinical governance, and a broad range of experience in matters of policy and process development, leading risk assessments, and managing sensitive situations involving children and their families.