Vic AEU welcomes Andrews’ commitment to build new preschools

Vic AEU welcomes Andrews’ commitment to build new preschools

by Freya Lucas

November 09, 2018

The Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union (AEU) have welcomed a commitment from Premier Daniel Andrews to spend $850 million on building new schools and preschools in fast growing areas of Victoria, should his government be reelected later this month.


Meredith Peace, president of the AEU Victorian Branch said the funding commitment, which would see 24 new schools funded and built in the next term of government, with a further 55 schools in the following four years, was a welcome investment in education.



Ms Pearce highlighted the co-location of preschools and schools as one which was advantageous for families, supporting an easy transition between preschool and primary school for children and families. The AEU has long advocated for the co-location of preschools and schools, which it believes allows preschool and primary school teachers and support staff to work together to support student learning and welfare.



Calling for a greater government investment in training and development, Ms Pearce said “we also need a state government to invest in at least 1600 additional teachers every year for the next 10 years so that every student gets more of the individual attention that they need”