Guardian Early Learning Centre gets inventive
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Guardian Early Learning Centre gets inventive

by Freya Lucas

November 07, 2018

River Garden, a Guardian Early Learning Centre (Guardian)  located in South Yarra, Melbourne, has attracted attention recently with its invention centre, the brainchild of educator Peter White, who says the Invention Centre allows children to experiment with using tools and bring open-ended materials to life.


In an interview with Guardian, Peter said he was inspired to create the space after observing that there was a disconnect for children, in terms of having practical knowledge and imagination when using tools.


“Aside from this knowledge being useful, exploring tools and their uses allows for children to think critically and creatively, as well as developing their collaborative teamwork skills,” Mr White said.  


The Invention Centre ties in with the educational program on offer at River Garden through facilitating learning and exploration, as well as contributing to literacy and numeracy in the children’s practice. Educators weave a variety of creative experiences into the Invention Centre to encourage exploration, learning and growth.


Mr White said that the Invention Centre allows children and educators to combine previous knowledge and new information, and gives both children and educators the ability to observe, analyse, and identify problems, and use critical thinking to find solutions.


River Garden has planned weekly sessions focused on the process of invention, showcasing both the inventors and their inventions to encourage children to use the skills developed in the centre in productive and enjoyable ways.

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