FDCA speaks out on compliance reform
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FDCA speaks out on compliance reform

by Freya Lucas

November 01, 2018

With recent Senate Estimate remarks confirming a target of 150 family day care (FDC) closures in order to make savings of $1 billion over forward estimates, the Family Day Care Association (FDCA) have spoken out in relation to compliance and quality reform in the FDC sector.



FDCA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Paterson affirmed the association’s long-standing position in support of compliance reform in the FDC sector, with FDCA issuing a statement advocating for compliance action which is targeted and proportionate.


Concerns were raised by FDCA that the target of 150 services had risked long-standing, legitimate FDC services being disproportionately sanctioned with cancellation, particularly in light of the consultation and guidance provided by FDCA over recent months in meetings with both the Australian Government, and the Opposition.


FDCA’s submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Effect of Red Tape on Child Care, and their appearance at the Senate Committee’s Public Hearing highlighted the focus on targeted and proportionate action, with Mr Paterson saying:


“We have seen quality services who have battled to remain viable and, confused by the constantly changing regulatory landscape, being disproportionately sanctioned for administrative non-compliance and forced out of the sector for administrative error rates of less than one per cent over two years.”


FDCA has called for members to complete the FDCA Election Commitments survey, sent to all members on 30 October 2018 to guide feedback that FDCA will provide to both the Australian Government and the Opposition moving forward.

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