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Welcome to The Sector

by Jason Roberts

September 25, 2018

I am delighted and so very proud to be able to pen those words.


Ever since joining the sector in 2013 I have yearned for a consistent, reliable and engaging source of news, views and reviews that commented directly on subjects that mattered to me and those around me in my day-to-day working life.


It just wasn’t available, until now.


What we at The Sector hope to bring, to all of the professionals working in and around the early education and care sector, is a steady stream of engaging, insightful and useful content that is relevant to them, their teams, and the organisations they work for.


We recognise that we have an opportunity to report the narrative and also to shape the narrative going forward and in order to do that, and do that effectively, we will make the following key commitments to you:


  • We will be an inclusive provider of news, views and reviews. We will cover the whole sector for the whole sector. That means all providers no matter what.


  • We will be an independent provider of news, views and reviews. We will avoid ideological or political positioning. We have no axe to grind.


  • We will be a respectful provider of news, views and reviews. We will use appropriate terminology, language and imagery that is consistent with the sector we live and breathe every day.


We also recognise that we cannot do this alone. For us to be able to make a real difference we know that we have to always be prepared to work with you on matters that you think are important.


Whether it be covering an event that is important to you, investigating and subsequently reporting on a story that is important to you, or simply providing a platform for you to share your opinions – we will always be here.


So please don’t be shy, don’t hold back. As of today, we are very much open for business so pick up that phone or send that email. We would love to hear from you.


Thank you all in advance for your support and we will look very much forward to sharing The Sector journey with you.



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