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Wee Care Education

Wee Care Education provides

A Community that values the rights of children
The right to be themselves
The right to be heard
The right to be valued

A Community that Values the rights of Educators

The right to be a part of a collaborative team

The right to be innovative

The right to be valued

Wee provide ”A program of possibilities.”

Wee Care Education is influenced by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, the Early Years Learning Framework, Education for Sustainability, Education through Nature, as well as theorists and philosophers in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Our program encompasses a pedagogy of listening, observation, research, documentation and reflection. An integrated approach across all areas making thinking paramount and the process of learning visible through documentation.

We believe in the inseparable connection between play and learning – a program that values play as an essential part of the early childhood education of young children. Wee Care inspires playfulness, exploration, risk taking and discovery. We embed an affinity with nature, an awareness of our environment, its needs and resources.