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Early learning for the best start in life

At TAFE NSW, we have 15 friendly and inclusive Children’s Centres designed to create a welcoming place where your children are encouraged to learn and play.

Children are natural learners, and we carefully select programmes that fire up their imaginations, allow them to be curious and to discover their interests. Our positive learning environment is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework, which guides our practice through its focus on the concepts of children ‘being’, ‘belonging’ and ‘becoming’.

All of our Children’s Centres are licensed to provide long day care for children aged from six weeks to under six years under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Our educational program

Our educational program fosters self-esteem in young children. It is inclusive, based on your child’s interests and development as an individual, and involves allowing children to learn by self-directed experience.

We believe that children are individuals who have instincts and interests that drive them to direct their own learning. Our qualified teachers are trained to listen, observe, and encourage children’s curiosity by stimulating guided play that is focused on the interests of each child.

Transition to school is embedded in our program, each and every day. We value social and emotional skills as some of the most important aspects in preparing your child for a successful transition.

Our team

Our team of early childhood educators have qualifications ranging from the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education to Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Care, and we’re at the forefront of innovative, child-centred and child-led programs that are led in healthy, happy and stimulating settings.

We understand that families play a vital part in the education experience. We’ll work with you and adapt to your child’s interests and specific learning needs. Working together helps us create a consistent and reliable environment where your children can thrive.

At TAFE NSW Children’s Centres, we also guide the next generation of educators and support practical learning through student work placement opportunities. We always have fully qualified permanent staff on hand to demonstrate best practice.