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Sage Education and Childcare Belconnen

Welcome to Sage Education and Childcare. Our centre is a home away from home for our young citizens of the world. In our rooms, our environment provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere that mirrors that of home. Our team of educators are diverse in experience and qualifications. At Sage we have a strong image of the child as an intelligent, capable, creative and loving citizen of their community and world.

Our environments welcome a creative community of learners, where our young citizen’s work and research is at the heart of the curriculum. As Educators in this space, we strongly advocate for children as capable and confident learners and use intentional teaching as a means to actively engage in connecting with children and working on their strengths.

Therefore, in this space, we believe that children have rights and they are curious, explorative, and inquisitive which is in line with our unique Image of the Child. We believe in uninterrupted play- based learning which is created around the child’s own interest and their developmental milestones.

The EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) supports our curriculum in the Nest. The EYLF is a national document that is used Australia wide, by all Preschools and Early Learning Services. In the early years of a child’s life, it is paramount for children to engage in play-based learning which support the structural design of the brain. Sage has a play-based approach to learning and focuses on extending learning through the interests of the child.

One of the greatest benefits of playing is to assist with the development of social competence. Children can build relationships, learn to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and regulate their behaviors. Playing is linked to the development of resilience and the beginnings of empathy as children begin to understand other points of view.

Throughout the play-based program, the educators have an intentional teaching program that focuses on key development and teaching concepts including literacy, numeracy, social responsibility, and the environment as well as the arts.

The routine of your child’s day at Sage has been designed to provide significant lengths of time to allow for children to become freely engrossed in their play, whilst being supported by educators. Our environments are set up to be able to support children in their play by having resources on hand, so that learning can be further extended, whether it is with their educator or independently. Most of the day includes a free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment, allowing children choices. Our mealtimes are served in a progressive way, the reason being so as not to interrupt children’s learning unnecessarily. Sage recognises that un-interrupted play creates a continual flow for deeper learning and development. In a progressive environment the educators support the children in understanding their bodies and communicating their needs effectively.