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Holy Trinity (Anglican) Kindergarten Hampton Inc

We believe in acknowledging the original custodians of this land and all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Bayside community. 

We believe that play is essential in the lives of young children and that children learn most effectively within an unhurried environment where they feel they have a sense of belonging. 

We believe in offering children opportunities to explore, problem solve, engage, marvel, investigate, create, experiment and express themselves.   

We believe kinder should be fun, happy, nurturing and inclusive. 

We believe in developing children’s confidence and resilience in an environment which is welcoming, caring, safe and supported.  

We strive to protect mental health through nurturing, connectivity and strong attachment with our children and our family community. We believe we can help develop healthy life skills by introducing mindfulness, relaxation and most importantly strengthening their emotional wellbeing. 

We believe in celebrating children’s achievements through reflection and meaningful documentation  

We believe that children’s learning is enhanced if they are encouraged to think and ask questions about things they wonder about, share their knowledge and skills and build positive friendships & relationships with those around them.  

We believe by children participating in a rich enquiry-based program that will support both their independence and interdependence. We believe through meaningful discussions, new ideas and concepts emerge and the children learn both individually and collaboratively through listening and responding to their peers.  

We believe that children need valuable opportunities to practice & develop their thinking and learning across the 5 learning outcomes areas of Identity, Community. Wellbeing, Learning & Communication. 

We believe in providing a sense of place where children take ownership of their work and where the focus is reflective of the rights of the child.  

We believe in supporting the children to be part of the decision-making process where they can express and integrate their own ideas. 

We believe in the importance of offering children and their families an atmosphere in which they are respected and valued for who they are.  

We believe that families are the children’s first teachers and we seek out a collaborative relationship where we are all participants in the children’s learning.  

We encourage each family to be involved in the kindergarten and welcome their interest and participation. 

We believe that each child, family and educator is a valued individual in the kindergarten community.  

We believe in embracing each individual and their family’s values, cultures, beliefs, language and this is acknowledged and reflected in the kindergarten environment. 

We believe in the importance of the outdoor environment and believe providing children with a stimulating and challenging space that is inclusive of both natural and man-made materials.  

We believe the natural environment – sun & fresh air is an important aspect of the child’s development and wellbeing. 

We believe in offering children the freedom of choice in selecting equipment and materials for their play. 

We believe in embedding sustainability within our kindergarten and to lighten our carbon footprint. We foster environmental awareness through intentional teaching and day to day practices to encourage the children, families and our community to care for our planet. 

Created by the Educators at Holy Trinity Kindergarten 2013 – 2017, with the aid of families input into values and quality survey results, and the Early Years Learning Framework. This was reviewed in 2021 by Educators with input from 2021 families.