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Harmony Early Learning Journey

Harmony is a family-owned Early Education and long day care group passionate about supporting the development of children through respectful relationships between children, families, communities and Educators.

Our holistic approach to early learning and development is drawn from contemporary educational and human research, and the work of respected international theorists of early childhood. This foundational knowledge supports our qualified educators and teachers in creating environments which enable exceptional learning and development opportunities.

Ask any of our Educators what makes Harmony the great workplace it is, and they will all say the same thing – it’s the people.

Visit a Harmony centre and you will see diverse, committed, early childhood educators with a passion for high quality, innovative education practices whilst engaging in respectful relationships with children, families, the community, and other Harmony Educators.

Harmony’s origins as a family owned and operated group is the foundation upon which collaboration is fostered amongst our Educators. Our child centric approach to curriculum and quality learning environments, is the reason why Harmony has some of the most talented and committed Early Childhood Educators working within our centre teams.

Our commitment to professional development

Harmony Early learning is committed to a continuous coaching environment ensuring access for all Educators to ongoing on-the-job and formal professional development. We have an inspirational and collaborative network of early childhood professionals who are encourage to share their knowledge, skills and best practice. All educators undertake professional development training every year.

With a dedicated Curriculum and Pedagogy Consultant, and non-contact Educational Leaders roles in our centres, Harmony invests in its commitment to coach and mentor Educators in contemporary early childhood education practices. What this means for our Educators is a constant source of innovative and personalised coaching and mentoring feedback, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential as an Educator.

“With harmony I believe there is a great potential for growth and development and furthering my career,” Amber, Harmony Early Learning Educator