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Guardian is much more than a place of childcare and learning. It is a place where children feel safe and secure to be themselves. A place where children can be curious, imaginative and brave in their learning We create an environment that supports children with the best possible start to life.

We believe that if we focus our enormous passion on the care and education of young children, then these children will leave us with the capacity for a lifelong interest in learning, enhancing their personal development and the contribution they make to the world of tomorrow.

– 100% of profits are re-invested back into our Centres and Teams to deliver the best early childhood education experience in Australia.

– We’re proud to say that 94% of our Centres meet or exceed the National Quality Standard.

– We have modern Centres in key locations across metro NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD and SA that provide care and education to more than 10,000 children each day.

Our purpose is clear

To ensure children are supported to be brave, curious, and imaginative in their learning, to give them the best possible start to life.

The Guardian Team have collectively defined the mindsets that shape how we think, feel, and act each day. Every day we aspire to be:

Positive: Being passionate and finding joy in what we do.
Brave: Trying new things, reimagining what’s possible, challenging ourselves.

Thoughtful: Being open, honest and fair, being empathetic, being inclusive, being respectful.

Professional: Going above and beyond, doing our best always, being a role model, getting better every day.

When we live our mindsets, we deliver on our true potential and we can better support, enable, and nurture children during their early years.

Guardian is a place where people can grow and thrive in their careers, knowing they will be inspired by the people they work with, have a voice in decisions the impact the lives of young children, and know their contribution matters.


Guardian recognises and values its Team Members. We offer competitive wages and salaries. Our benefits lead the sector, such as loyalty schemes for discounted childcare for your children, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, recognition and reward to show our appreciation for your efforts, and assistance with work-life balance. Read more about our fantastic benefits.

Career advancement

Fulfill your passions and be brave in your professional development. We offer sponsorship and support initiatives for diploma and degree programs, as well as online professional learning through Early Childhood Australia (ECA). Learn more about how we invest in you and your career.

A learning community

We believe in creating a positive, professional, and thoughtful environment. That’s how great futures start. Take advantage of mentoring opportunities, teacher meetings, short courses and workshops to help you with specific skills and knowledge. Learn more about the ways we support you.