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Green Leaves Early Learning

Green Leaves Early Learning is a privately owned business with a purpose to provide early education and care that exceeds traditional care and education standards.  To achieve this, we do things differently.

Firstly, we know that service excellence is where it all begins. Our passionate and professional teams throughout our business are committed to giving careful attention to every task and every relationship.

Secondly, all of our spacious centres are purpose built so we can strike the perfect balance between providing innovative early education experiences and meeting the needs of the communities we operate in.

With almost 1,500 team members on the horizon, Green Leaves Early Learning is fast becoming the early education sector’s employer of choice. This is because we recognise that we are nothing without our people.

We value professionalism, passion, and reward achievement. In order for our people to create inspiring and effective learning journeys, we must also invest in their own learning journeys. This approach helps ensure our people remain loyal, inspired, and motivated to provide high-quality educational experiences each and every day.