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Explore & Develop Freshwater

Explore & Develop Freshwater is conveniently located within the new Harbord Diggers development where our families and staff have access to the club’s new fitness, hospitality and aquatic facilities.

Our vision has always been to provide sustainable, high-quality learning environments that evolve and support children, families, educators and staff to feel a sense of belonging and a part of our community.

Our Philosophy has been developed in partnership with children, families, educators and staff in our community, drawing on the ‘National Quality Framework’, ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’, ‘Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics’ and our sound understanding of the beliefs and values of our families, educators and our wider community.

Through positive and respectful partnerships formed with families, our educators are able to design and implement our educational curriculum in an enriching play-based environment, guided by Australia’s National Curriculum—The Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being & Becoming, to encourage children to engage in critical thinking, experimentation, problem solving, arts, culture, mindfulness and connectedness with peers, educators and the wider community.