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Citipointe Early Childhood Education & Care

Citipointe established its Childcare and Kindergarten Service in 1988, with a new Service opening in 2014 as a Childcare and the existing Service remaining as a Kindergarten. In 2016, we started managing Citipointe Christian College OSHC Program, and in 2018, we opened our Childcare Service at Pine Rivers. We provide Christian care and education based on Christian faith and values.

We believe that during the first five years of life, children acquire the values and attitudes towards themselves, their families, society and the environment that will grow with them into adulthood. Therefore, our policies, practices and lives as staff will provide a positive example for the children.

Our staff seek to provide a caring and stimulating educational environment where children’s individual needs, abilities and cultural and social backgrounds are respected and catered for, and where children can develop at their own pace.

We value open communication and mutual respect between staff and parents with regard to the care and education of each child through the involvement of each family.