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Botany Bay Preschool

Botany Bay Pre-School provides a high quality care and learning environment for children aged 2-5 years. Our learning space is aesthetically pleasing, spacious, inviting and flexible to the varying needs of the children and families in our community. Our pre-school encourages the children to be independent, respectful, and creative while supporting their individual, holistic learning and developmental needs.

Each child is treated with respect, as an individual and valued member of our pre-school. These qualities are embedded in our philosophy and curriculum.

As a care and education learning environment we encourage and develop a next generation of children that are respectful and confident in themselves and in social interactions.

This sense of belonging and security that is embedded in our pre-school program allows for each child to reach their potential and have a positive impact on their futures. The children are provided with opportunities and time to challenge their thinking and that of others, use their problem solving skills, discuss ideas and theories with their peers and educators, research, hypothesis and reflect on interactions and daily happenings to develop new understandings.