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Aurora Early Education

At Aurora Early Education, we understand the dreams every parent has for their child. All parents and carers want their children to live joyful and fulfilled lives, to learn, to grow and have the resilience to overcome the obstacles of life.

At Aurora, we share these very same dreams and hopes for every child we have the privilege to educate. Our Early Education centres have grown from these dreams, bringing together the very best in education, training and methodology.

We want to give our students life-long skills during these early years where children develop the most. We harbour creativity and thoughtfulness and encourage self-esteem and a love of nature.

We believe learning is most effective when delivered in a caring, nurturing environment that supports children through play and imagination to develop an understanding of their world.

A loving atmosphere and learning through play, helps children establish their own strong identity, making healthier connections with the world around them. Through shared experiences, they gain a sense of belonging and begin to develop empathy for all living beings as well as their surrounds.

We align our teaching methods and curriculum with both modern and traditional theorists such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Kathy Walker, and a multi-age learning approach. All methods are underpinned by a deep understanding of child development with an emphasis on ‘hands-on’ learning and children taking the lead in what interests them.

At Aurora, we only work with the best. All our teachers are well versed in early childhood education best practice and share our commitment to nurturing your child in a safe, supportive learning environment. Their dedication is what makes Aurora special.