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Arkie Early Education Centre

Where changemakers thrive

At Arkie, Educators are at the heart of what we do.

We focus on nurturing Educators with a learning and development budget, plenty of resources and paying Educators what they deserve, over 25% above award wage.

Our vision is to create playful environments where meaningful learning happens.

For this to come to life, Arkie focuses on bringing the most thoughtful and passionate Educators together. Providing them with all the resources they need to succeed.

Discover how Arkie supports Educators to learn and grow while nurturing the next generation of changemakers.

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We believe in lifelong learning for everyone

Arkie is more than simply a place to work. We believe that raising the next generation of changemakers starts with supporting the ongoing learning and development of our Educators.

This means, that by becoming a part of the Arkie family, not only are you embarking on a journey of lifelong learning and career development, but you are also invited to be part of shaping the environment of which you are an integral part.

As such, we value creating a workplace where everyone’s voice is heard and where your work-life balance is supported.

Our commitment to lifelong learning and workplace wellbeing means every Educator has access to $5,000 worth of learning and development opportunities each year.

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Arkie offers a range of resources to support Educators, including:

  • Learning and development budget totaling $5,000 value.
  • Access to courses and training, spanning personal growth as well as career related materials to encourage the development of your purpose and passions.
  • High quality, progressive and well-resourced environments, where you are a part of the conversations in education programs and initiatives.
  • An openminded and approachable style where you are invited to share new ideas. Want something you don’t see here? All you have to do is ask.

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