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Flowers, chocolates, promises: now too late for early childhood educators

The newest Productivity Commission report: A path to universal early childhood education and care glosses over or ignores many fundamental problems within the early childhood education sector .

2023-11-24 07:24:02

by Freya Lucas

How do you eat an echidna? Tackling education’s spiky problems with ambition

Community Child Care Association Executive Director Julie Price and Community Early Learning Australia CEO Michele Carnegie were present when Federal Education Minister Jason Clare addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday, and have prepared the following reflection based on his remarks.

2023-07-21 09:43:03

by Freya Lucas

Setting the standard: National Day of Workplace Action organised by United Workers Union

Educators are leaving the sector in droves. The attrition of experienced educators from our profession is an ever-escalating and increasingly dire situation. Every single one is a tragic loss. Each loss represents a systemic failing. Educators have long been crying out for fair remuneration, for some reciprocity on the care we give, and we’re just spent. Our wages are not sustainable.

2023-07-19 10:12:56

by Freya Lucas

How this oppressive test is killing the magic of childhood

NAPLAN is taking the fun out of early childhood learning. Early childhood learning encompasses education for children from birth to eight years of age and it is widely known that play-based programs planned with intentionality are the best way for teachers to engage young children in learning. Unfortunately, a focus on NAPLAN scores has resulted in many schools paying more attention to literacy and numeracy programs for children in primary school to perform better in tests in Years 3 and 5. This is impacting on the learning engagement of children in the earlier years. 

2023-06-01 08:04:02

by Freya Lucas

The three key ingredients of an inclusive educational community

When a young person can walk, work and play alongside others from diverse backgrounds with a range of abilities, their educational experience is profoundly enhanced.

2023-05-01 09:47:53

by Freya Lucas

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