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Bound for burnout: Early childhood educators are swimming against a gendered, micromanaged tide

Burnout is rife in the early childhood sector, with educators saying burnout, administrative overload and overwork are the reason they want to leave early. Alarmingly, up to 73% of educators say they wish to leave the sector in the next 5 years. Our educators are swimming against a fast-moving tide.

2 days

by Freya Lucas

Could a rethink about overseas student policy be a solution for ECEC workforce shortages?

Educator shortages are being felt with greater bite across the early childhood sector for a number of reasons but could a rethink about overseas student intake policy, particularly around CRICOS registered RTO's could provide a new, and much needed source of educators to help plug the gap.

4 weeks

by Sam Rosenberg at al

Active Citizens with Extraordinary Ideas

For those of us who work in early childhood we often may find ourselves in a position of power, whether in a leadership position or when working directly with children. When we consider relationships and the potential power that exists between people, it is usually about control, to have a choice and an ability to make decisions about the environment and those around us.

1 month

by Freya Lucas

The power of presence; a reflection on digital documentation in ECEC

When your camera captures the moment, does your brain record the same memory?

2 months

by Freya Lucas

Concerns raised at recently announced changes to ECEC Qualifications by ASQA

On the 21st of July 2021 the new Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30121) and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50121) were released by ASQA after an extensive consultation process. These new courses are not equivalent to the current courses being offered and undertaken by students.

3 months

by Freya Lucas

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