The Importance of Compliance

According to the International Compliance Association, compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request.”

4 days ago

by Mick Ogrizek

Choosing between two high quality candidates – a recruitment dilemma

In some parts of the country, early childhood education and care (ECEC) recruitment is highly competitive, with far more positions than applicants. In other areas, or for certain roles, employers may have the luxury of choice, finding themselves in the enviable position of having two equally qualified, equally suitable applicants for a role. As an employer, what are some of the best ways to ensure the best applicant is chosen to move forward?

12 days ago

by Freya Lucas

How to Turn Your Employees into Leaders

You can have a lot of good employees, but they can’t turn into great leaders on their own. If there’s a talent it needs to be nurtured, which requires a deliberate effort from those at the top. Of course, your employees need to show willingness and ambition, but they can’t reach leadership without guidance and direction. Employee development is the responsibility of the employer as much as it is of the employees, so we’re about to show you how to groom yours for future leadership roles.

17 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Practising essential risky play safely in ECEC settings to boost children’s wellbeing

If I were to ask you what memorable outdoor play you experienced as a child, what recollections would you have?

17 days ago

by Nicola Russell

The essential nature of undirected, free play

Neve Spicer is a passionate advocate for play. As one of the two founders of We The Parents, Neve is a big believer in the need for children to have time to play, free from the constraints of the adult world.

25 days ago

by Neve Spicer