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Enhancing relationships through gratitude in the early childhood context

Research at all levels of education highlights the fact that flourishing relationships are at the core of effective teaching and learning, and thriving communities.

17 hours ago

by Freya Lucas

All I want for Christmas is no othering – an alternative view of celebrations

What does it mean, to be the “other?” If you and I are an “us”, it implies that everyone else is a “them”. When statements such as “we don’t have any of them here” or “they don’t think like us” are heard, bias both conscious and unconscious can creep in. Left unchecked, bias can be corrosive to children, families and teamsbut what does that bias have to do with celebrations like Christmas?

4 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Overcoming the hidden cost of mental health: What Australian employers need to know

Bryan McCormick is the Chief Executive Officer for Disability Employment Services provider Workways Australia. Workways Australia is part of CoAct’s national network of community-embedded not-for-profit service partners, and works daily with employers and job seekers living with mental health conditions.

10 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Bringing about a change in the education climate

In late September, while children and businesses were striking and marching, I spent the day in Moreton National Park near Bundanoon, NSW. It was Day One of a three-day nature meditation retreat.

15 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Need a behaviour chart? Check yourself first

The power of positive interactions in supporting childrens behavioural learning A Phoenix Cups © Love Cup Filling Plan

16 days ago

by Sandi Phoenix