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Understanding child mental health and disability

March 15, 2021

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About this course

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This foundation course explores mental health for children aged 0-12 years who are living with disability. It will help you to identify the factors that support a child’s social and emotional wellbeing and introduce you to key concepts in disability-aware practice. It also describes the importance of considering the mental health of children living with disability, and why these children may be more vulnerable to developing mental health concerns.


Who is this course for?

This course supports all practitioners to better understand the factors that influence the mental health and wellbeing of children living with disability. It is especially useful for disability support workers and early graduate allied health professionals.

While the course briefly outlines the key aspects to consider with a disability-aware approach, it does not explore disability-specific practice skills or interventions. Direct therapeutic work requires specialised skills that are not addressed in this foundation course.

However, any adult who supports a child with disability can contribute to their positive mental health and wellbeing by adopting a disability-aware approach.


How long does this course take?

This course will take approximately one hour to complete. It includes videos, interviews with practitioners and child and family partners, and reflective activities. It is designed to be undertaken individually but can also be used as a prompt for conversations between colleagues.

You can undertake the course at your own pace, in one sitting or in several sittings.


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