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Training Our Future: Pedagogical Awakenings

January 17, 2023

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Circularity Consulting

Training Our Future: Pedagogical Awakenings – ONLINE




designed especially for Trainers and Assessors (and those aspiring to be Trainers and/or Assessors) working in the Early Childhood Vocational Education Training (VET) space to join with colleagues to consider how contemporary early childhood practice aligns with the new Early Childhood Training Package.


Pedagogical Awakenings: Uncovering pedagogical encounters in the new Training Package.

This dynamic professional learning opportunity offers early childhood trainers and assessors an innovative way to explore the complexities, challenges, and possibilities of teaching the new package as it intersects with the newly updated Approved Frameworks using a pedagogical awakenings approach.

Using a participatory approach, we will illuminate aspects of the Diploma and Certificate III that present opportunities for pedagogical awakenings accompanied by practical strategies, deep thinking and teaching techniques that generate highly skilled educators for a vibrant sector.


Understanding goals

  • Participants will understand how to generate pedagogical awakenings for students and those who teach them
  • Participants will understand the nature and scope of contemporary
    early childhood pedagogy and how this informs teaching and
    assessment practices in the new training package.




Date & Time
Friday 17th March 2023.  10.00am – 3.00pm

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