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Risk & supervision: Team eLearning Package

January 11, 2022

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Risk & supervision: Team eLearning Package

Professional learning and reflection for your team of educator



Is active supervision and risk management an issue in your team?


? Do you have new team members to bring up to speed on risk and supervision?? Does your team struggle with working in agreement to support children’s adventurous play and challenge for learning?? Are you struggling to explain the benefits of risky and adventurous play within your team and to families?

? Does your team need tools for fresh and shared focus to support children’s active learning?


Support your team with this shared professional learning journey to improve active supervision and to reflect on risk together.


What’s included in the team package?

The service leader will receive TEAM SHARE as a practical tool for your team’s learning journey, and to revisit, over the next 2 years.

‘Team Share’ is designed for the service leader to use the course videos and presentations to engage in shared professional learning and conversations, together in small groups and large team meetings.

  • TEAM SHARE provides access to the 11 course videos and presentations for 2 years! Use of Team Share is for one centre team, for up to 26 people.
  • PLUS FULL ONLINE COURSE access for 2 years, for selected educators*. They receive all course resources, and complete the learning checks as they work through the course content. Each educator receives a course certificate on completion. 

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