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Identify and respond to children at risk

January 11, 2022

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Be aware and know what to do

As mandatory reporters, we have an important responsibility

Your role as an Early Childhood educator has a responsibility to identify and respond to children who may be at risk of harm. This course supports you to understand your responsibility; with how to identify signs of possible harm or abuse, and how to respond.




Child-focused care to protect

When we provide child-focused care, we are attuned to subtle changes in each child. The effects of childhood trauma are long-lasting, Without child-focused care and awareness, we can overlook signs that a child is at risk of harm. Gain knowledge and skills to meet your responsibility to protect children’s safety and wellbeing.

  • Use scenarios to consider the 4 types of abuse, indicators of harm, and how to respond to disclosure.
  • Take action to reduce the effects of child abuse, Learn how to document indicators of harm, and the steps to take to report suspicion of abuse.
  • Investigate responsibilities of educators and the service to meet compliance requirements, including how to be a child safe organisation, and writing a Statement of Commitment.


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