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Claire Warden Learning with Nature Online Learning Series

January 11, 2022

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Claire Warden Learning with Nature Package




In order to work with nature, we need to re-awaken follow the examples of various custodians of the land around the world and learn the skills that they have maintained over time. There is a worldwide nature movement by embedding nature pedagogy into daily practice. It is not enough to just source bright ideas. As a profession, we need to build on a foundation of values.

The ten modules in this package are all about developing higher-order thinking using an inquiry-based learning approach within the context of natural sciences. The package is designed to raise the awareness and skill level of all staff working with children and families from Birth to 11 years.

Included courses in this package:


Dr Claire Warden is an International Education Consultant, Researcher and Advisor with experience of working in Australia, USA, Canada, Asia, India and Europe.

Founder of the not for profit Living Classrooms and the International Association of Nature Pedagogy. CEO of Claire Warden Ltd and Founder and Academic Advisor to the Mindstretchers Academy.

Dr. Warden has recently been recognised for her original contribution in the field of education for her thesis ‘The Creation and Theorisation of Nature Pedagogy’ and was awarded her PhD in 2019. Her inspirational research and approach to experiential learning has developed through a variety of experiences including primary teaching, advisory work, lecturing in further education and development of the award winning Auchlone Nature Kindergarten in Scotland. She was awarded an international award of Exceptional Master Leader for her work on participatory planning through the Floorbooks Approach.

Claire works with governments and associations around the world to create high quality nature-based models of education learning with nature inside, outside and beyond. Her philanthropic work includes international advisor to the Children and Nature Network, World Forum Foundation, International School Grounds Group and the board of National Trust Scotland.

Claire is an author of many books and materials relating to early years including ‘The Potential of a Puddle’ which details UK national vision and values for outdoor play; ‘Talking and Thinking Floorbooks’ which presents the planning methodology that supports consultation and democracy in early education and Claire’s latest book – Learning with Nature – Embedding Outdoor Practice which is rapidly gaining a place as required reading on many academic courses.

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