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Workplace Wellbeing – 6 Week Online Course

May 1, 2020 - June 5, 2020

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As human beings we all have needs that need to be met. When they aren’t met life doesn’t function the way it should. Our behaviour changes, our mood is affected, and we often feel unfulfilled.


The Phoenix Cups framework will help you understand how to meet your most important life needs, and the needs of those around you, by discovering which Cups you need to keep full, how they influence behaviours, and how you can use them to build relationships in all aspects of life.


This 6-Week Online course has been delivered in person in countless workshops, keynotes, and online presentation to thousands of people, and is now available to you at home. This workshop is designed to not only improve your wellbeing in the workplace but also in your personal life too.


This Workshop:

  • Challenges unhelpful thinking;

  • Teaches how to deal with stress and worry; and

  • Teaches the Phoenix Cups Wellbeing model.


To learn more, or to register, please see here. 

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