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When Goodbye is Too Hard: Supporting Children Through Separation Anxiety

November 19, 2021 - November 19, 2021

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Is saying goodbye a struggle for your child? Do you dread drop-offs? Join Dr Vanessa for a webinar all about navigating separation anxiety.

About this event


Due to the wonderful workings of the human brain in its efforts to keep us safe, one of the most stressful things for a child is to be apart from their parent. And depending on the child’s temperament or other contributing factors, this can be VERY stressful for some children, leading to considerable upset, challenging behaviours, toileting regression, sleep disruption, and school refusal. Of course, this can also be a source of upset for parents who want the best for their child and who may be impacted by their child’s upset in significant ways.


It is often a delicate dance to diplomatically support our child – and ourselves – through difficult goodbyes. In this seminar, Dr. Vanessa will review the developmental science around what makes goodbye so hard, and she will present nurturing, intuitive, and understanding strategies for mastering this delicate dance and facilitating reduced separation anxiety.


On Thursday, November 18, at 7 pm PST (that’s 2 pm AEDT for my Australian audiences), join Dr Vanessa for a one hour webinar and a 30 minute live Q&A! Can’t make the live time? Not to worry! All participants will be emailed the link to the presentation recording, and will have access for 30 days!


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