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What to do when you urgently need staff?

June 3, 2021 - June 3, 2021

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Are you struggling to find staff?

Have you had to cancel planning, admin or ed leader time to keep ratio?
Are you calling agencies only to find out they can’t help you?

You’re not the only one.

Over one in 10 long day care centres across Australia have a staffing waiver because they can’t recruit the staff they need. It’s the same story for kindergarten, OSHC and family day care.

Is it fair? No. Should you be frustrated? Very.

But for change to happen, the government needs to understand how this is impacting your team, children and their families.

At our next face-to-face meeting with the government, we want to prove that much more needs to be done, including long-term planning for extra educators, greater investment in educator training programs, and fair pay for currently undervalued (and mostly female) educators.

Will you join us at our upcoming webinar to help us build momentum for these crucial changes?

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