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Trauma Responsive Infant Work

March 25, 2024 - March 25, 2024

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Berry Street 500 Princes Highway, Noble Park North VIC, 3174

We are delighted to partner with Berry Street’s Take Two service who will present as part of our Infant Mental Health & Wellbeing Series.


The 2024 Infant Mental Health & Wellbeing Series is a series of webinars and in-person workshops with a focus on infants and their parents or caregivers who are at risk or otherwise vulnerable due to family adversity, violence and trauma.


Participants will gain an increased knowledge of infant mental health and the impact of adversity and trauma on infant and parent/caregiver development. Sessions will introduce those working with at-risk infants to ways in which they can intervene with infants and their parents/caregivers to support them to recover and thrive within their relationships.




Infants exposed to violence and other traumatic events, including significant neglect, are most vulnerable to profound, enduring impacts of these experiences, unless interventions occur to remediate these impacts as early as possible. This workshop will support practitioners working with vulnerable infants (0-5 years) and their caregivers, to:


  • define the concept of Infant Mental Health and learn the key Take Two principles for working with vulnerable infants
  • understand the 5 key elements for optimal infant development
  • understand the neurobiology of in utero and early infant development; the role of caregiving in forming relational neurobiology; the neurobiology of toxic stress in infancy
  • the Take Two framework for infant carer assessment and intervention.


Participants will be provided with a range of tools and resources to support their work with infants and caregivers.


Dates, time & costs


Dates: Monday 25th March 9.30am – 4.00pm (AEDT)

Cost: $380.00

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