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Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Games

April 27, 2024 - April 27, 2024

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Yarn Strong Sista 516 Elizabeth Street #Shop 3 Melbourne, VIC 3000

Join us for a practical Professional Development workshop enquire into traditional Aboriginal games adapted for modern learning environments.


Discover how these games were historically used to teach survival skills and how they can be shared with children in Early Childhood Services and/or Schools.


Be inspired by Storytelling and learn how contemporary stories can be translated into games that can be shared with all children. We’ll link Aboriginal Storytelling with play and examine how games are part of Aboriginal Pedagogy, drawing on Dr. Sue Atkinson Lopez’s research. This workshop includes hands-on activities like drawing animal tracks on Naarm City pavements and matching them to bush tucker or habitat.


Leave ready to incorporate Aboriginal pedagogy and games into your everyday teaching practices and routines.


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