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The role and use of digital technologies with, for and by children

October 24, 2022 - October 24, 2022

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Join us as we host a panel of experts to explore the changing role of ‘digital’ in Australian children’s lives. We take a look at the responsibilities of digital producers, as well as the children themselves and their adults, in creating and consuming digital experiences which enhance child development.




Professor Susan Edwards, Associate Investigator – ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child (Australian Catholic University)
Ant Frank, indigital
Laura Stone and Linda Harrison, ABC Kids Early Education
Facilitated by Professor Lisa Kervin, Chief Investigator, ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child (University of Wollongong)


The Early Childhood Australia Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies was launched in 2018. The four guiding principles – relationships, health and wellbeing, citizenship, play and pedagogy – provide advice for the “digital contexts within which young children, their families and educators play, live and work”. Professor Susan Edwards, a leading author of this publication will examine citizenship in digital contexts with focus on the regulations or codes to protect children while at the same time advancing their rights during their digital childhoods.


ABC Kids Early Education is an integrated part of the ABC Kids production family that creates world class video and audio content such as “Play School”, “Imagine This” and “Little Yarns”. ABC Kids Early Education recognises the potential for high-quality digital children’s content. Central to their philosophy is that digital technology use in early learning settings needs to support and promote the best interests of young children.


indigital specialises in the development and delivery of digital skills training platforms and programs through an Indigenous cultural lens with the aim of providing a meaningful pathway for Indigenous peoples into the digital economy. Engaging children in experiences focused on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, augmented and mixed realities and geospatial technologies is their speciality.


Members of the panel will examine:


  • The role of the ‘digital’ in the lives of Australian Children
  • Responsibilities for producers, children and their adults
  • Meaningful pathways for use of digital technologies
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