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The Fathering Summit 2024

March 14, 2024 - March 14, 2024

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Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, NSW

This transformative summit unites a diverse group of participants, including, researchers, advocates, educators, policymakers, fathers and influencers, all committed to reshaping and redefining modern fatherhood.


The Summit addresses a wide array of topics that revolve around modern fatherhood including mental health, gender equity, caregiving, work-life balance, parenting roles, family safety, communication within families, and breaking down traditional stereotypes.


What to expect


A full day in-person event where you will hear keynote speeches from experts in their field and leading researchers, panel discussions and interactive sessions – The Fathering Summit offers a platform for sharing experiences, discussing research findings, networking and executing innovative strategies to drive meaningful change in the way fathers are perceived and engaged in their families’ lives.


Secure your seat today and join a movement that redefines fatherhood and positively shape the lives of our children.


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