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The FASD Forum ’22

May 13, 2022 - May 14, 2022

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The FASD FORUM ’22 is presented by NOFASD Australia with the support of Australian Government Department of Health.

This virtual conference takes place Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May 2022, enabling participation by all who wish to attend. This signature event will provide an opportunity for everyone interested in FASD to hear from experts leading research and experts with lived experience.


The theme of the conference, FASD@50, reflects the fact that it is 50 years since FASD was first identified in medical literature in the English-speaking world. Many things have changed in the world since then, but has enough changed for FASD?  What needs to be done to support families living with FASD and to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies? Is current research uncovering new options for support strategies and interventions that provide better outcomes?


We are delighted that our opening keynote address will be presented by world-renowned pediatrician and researcher, Professor Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD (University of California, San Diego), who, together with Dr David Smith, was the first to identify FASD in their research fifty years ago.


Further presentations over the two-day conference will cover themes related to behaviour support and behaviours of concern, transitions in education and employment, an expert parent panel, parent/carer support and self-care, mental health, sexualised behaviour and justice. Presenters for these topics have been selected from experts in Australia and overseas, ensuring an engaging and topical conference program that will enhance the knowledge of all participants.

A Spotlight on current FASD Research:

The ‘3-Minute Thesis’ session will provide an opportunity for those researching aspects of FASD to share a snapshot of their research findings with other professionals as well as those with lived experience – increasing community awareness and knowledge about this disability.

Our esteemed conference co-chairs promise an interesting, informative and well-paced virtual experience. Professor in Paediatrics at the University of Sydney, Elizabeth Elliott is a recognised Australian leader in research, diagnosis and prevention of FASD. Nicole Hewlett is a proud Aboriginal woman with a passion for knowledge translation which will lead to better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Nicole has provided leadership and guidance to a range of FASD initiatives.


Conference presentations will combine lived experience perspectives with professional knowledge and current research topics and will also enable opportunities for information sharing to deepen understanding. Practical strategies and interventions to assist those living with FASD and their families will be a key focus. We look forward to you joining us online for some outstanding opportunities for learning and information sharing.


NOFASD Australia is a family-focused organisation and is the essential bridge linking those with lived experience with researchers and clinicians. NOFASD was founded by Sue Miers in 1999 because of her personal experience caring for a child with FASD and her struggle to find information and appropriate support.  Sue’s persistence, persuasiveness and patience are the keys to her success in raising awareness and support around this lifelong disability and established a strong foundation for NOFASD’s ongoing advocacy.  Our Mission is to be a strong and effective voice for individuals and families living with FASD, while supporting initiatives across Australia to promote prevention, diagnosis, intervention and management. We work towards the prevention of alcohol exposed pregnancies in Australia and an improved quality of life for those affected by FASD, including those living with FASD and their parents and carers.

The FASD Forum ‘22 is being presented as an online, virtual conference and we welcome participants from around the world. Please note that times listed in the conference schedule are listed in the AEST time zone – Australian Eastern Standard Time.


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