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The ethics of welcome

May 24, 2021 - May 24, 2021

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Reggio Emilia Australia


The ethics of welcome




A sense of welcome is a value in education that many of us would declare that we consider and aspire to uphold. Do we give ourselves pause to reflect on the critical nature of welcome and what this entails? Is it a taken-for-granted practice that we assume is being realised to its full potential?

These webinars will expose participants to some big ideas alongside inspiring and current practice-based research that will invigorate current understandings of the impact of the pedagogy of welcome.

What does it mean to welcome, and how this enacts out values and beliefs? 

What and whom do we welcome? What does that look and feel like?

Do we welcome difference, discomfort, multiple perspectives?

How do reciprocal relationships shape identity and culture?

How might the consideration of welcome support the work required for inclusion and reconciliation? 

As we consider the potential impact and learnings for education in response to recent global events, engaging in this series will allow us to reflect on our environments and move from conversation to action.

This first webinar in the series will launch the concept of welcome, look at theoretical underpinnings as a set of ideas to foster critical reflection for transformation.

Being cognizant of the myriad of ways of welcoming, from the physical environment to the relational as a part of everyday practice, fosters a sense of connection and belonging that can never be underestimated.

“Our goal is to build an amiable school, where children, teachers, and families feel at home . . . It must embody ways of getting along together, of intensifying relationships among the three central protagonists, of assuring fullness of attention to the problems of educating, and of activating participation and research” (Malaguzzi, cited in Edwards, 2012, p.43)

Inspired by Malaguzzi and others’ thinking, we will explore the intentionality of welcoming all in the community and the impact on the emotional climate that we create to enable children, colleagues, and families to feel that they can bring and be their true selves.

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