The Emerging Field of Play Therapy - what, why and how? - Sector

The Emerging Field of Play Therapy – what, why and how?

March 17, 2022 - March 17, 2022

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This session with Michelle and Bree will shine the spotlight on the emerging, evidence-based field of play therapy as an alternative theory of practice and how it differs from psychological interventions.


As adults, when we experience emotional setbacks, trauma, relationship issues, or general anxiety, many will seek out the services of a psychologist. What happens when our children experience these same setbacks? Parents often naturally turn in this same direction – towards talking therapies.


Michelle Carlyle is the CEO of Be Centre – the largest charity in Australia dedicated to play therapy.


Bree De La Harpe is one of Australia’s most senior play therapists with a lifetime of experience with children’s mental health. Bree is a play therapist at Be Centre.


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