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The Directors Toolkit: Compliance & Quality – Webinar

October 7, 2021 - October 7, 2021

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Being a Nominated Supervisor or service Director in an early education and care service is a complex and challenging role. Feeling assured that you have the knowledge and skills to undertake all elements of your role is vital.


The Director’s Toolkit explores the responsibilities of a Nominated Supervisor or Director – for those who are new to the position as well as those interested in refreshing their knowledge and approach.  It will also enable you to engage with others in the same position.


Each session explores an aspect of the Director’s Role. Participants can choose the session that meets their current needs, dip into one session or attend all 6 for a comprehensive look at the role and responsibilities.


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This session will give participants the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge and skills required to ensure your service is compliant with the Education and Care Services national law and regulations. Participants will also explore the meaning of quality and how to focus on quality practices.


Others sessions in the Director’s Toolkit suite includes;


– Leadership and Advocacy

– Working with management planning and policy

– The team staff relationships

– Administrative Responsibilities

– Family and Community partnerships

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