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The Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls

January 28, 2021 - January 28, 2021

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We are offering workshops that explore how this set of therapeutic tools are used with children and families, including an exploration of their capacity to promote sensory engagement. The dolls all have colour, sound and texture built into them.

What can you expect from attending this workshop?

Workshops include hands-on demonstration and exploration where valuable insight into the richness of meaning-making strategies that children and their carers/families can engage in when relationships have fun, respect and imagination restored to them.

The cost of the workshop includes the purchase of Morten the Monster. It also includes a comprehensive manual about how to use the tools with children and/or parents/carers.


Participants will be able to use the ‘Morton the Monster’ doll immediately in their practice. The three other dolls are available for purchase only to those who have attended the workshop.


The number of registrations for each workshop is strictly limited. Make sure you register now to avoid disappointment.


The Therapeutic Dolls cannot be purchased unless you have attended the training. The cost of each doll is $66 (GST Inclusive). Sales of the additional dolls will be organised on and after the training day.


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