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The Beginning Teacher Conference 2021 – Dandenong

August 16, 2021 - August 16, 2021

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Atura Dandenong

As a beginning Early Childhood Teacher, would you like to know more about how to develop integrate teaching and learning? Are you keen to understand how to manage differences in teaching and learning? What it means to integrate Aboriginal perspectives into the educational program? How to undertake assessment for learning practices? To engage in reflective practice?


The Beginning Teachers Conference 2021 will provide evidence-based answers to these questions and more. The conference format is via short sharp talks from a range of presenters in early childhood education and provides an excellent opportunity for networking and building relationships.


This free conference (9.30am – 3:00pm), is designed to simultaneously inspire and inform all beginning early childhood teachers and will be held across a range of locations in Victoria. The events are funded by the Department of Education of Training and are being delivered by Semann & Slattery.


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