Supporting children’s wellbeing when working with separating parents - Sector

Supporting children’s wellbeing when working with separating parents

October 13, 2021 - October 13, 2021

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This webinar will explore practitioners’ child-centred work with separating parents to support the child’s wellbeing and parent–child relationship.


Separation can cause high levels of stress for families and significantly impact children’s wellbeing. The extent of this impact is influenced by factors such as the quality of the parent–child relationship, the presence of family violence, and the level of parental conflict.


Engaging with distressed parents, navigating disagreements and working in situations of family violence are examples of challenges practitioners may experience in this context. However, using child-centred approaches can support parents to connect with and understand their child’s needs, strengthen the parent–child relationship and promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing.


This webinar will explore:


  • The importance of understanding the impacts of separation on children when working with parents
  • How to work with separating parents in child-centred ways to promote the parent–child relationship and children’s wellbeing
  • How to work with distressed parents and navigate disagreements.


This webinar will be of interest to professionals working in parenting and family support services and relationship services and other social and community services working with families.


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