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STEM Optics Workshop; Carlton, VIC

September 6, 2024 - September 6, 2024

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Melbourne Connect Superfloor Meeting Rooms - M13 + M14, 700 Swanston Street Carlton VIC 3053

In this interactive Optics workshop, you will learn to appreciate the magic of colour, mirrors, and shadows through the eyes of a child and explore the pedagogy behind developing child-led inquiry projects in your service or classroom.


This 3.5-hour professional development workshop will give you the confidence to unlock the wonders of STEM in your service through the gateway of optics, develop and facilitate project work, and is a great workshop for educators who are both new and experienced in delivering STEM in early childhood settings.


STEM topic: Optics


In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create rich STEM learning experiences and use optics as a topic through which to teach the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Interactive activities can include:


  • Split sunlight in different ways and make rainbows with crystals, soap bubbles, and CDs.
  • Follow, catch, and trap your shadow.
  • See how far you can “transport” light throughout a dark room.
  • Explore reflections in everyday life and discover why some reflections are distorted, magnified, shrunk or even upside down.
  • Make your own spying device.
  • Build a shadow theatre and play with puppets.
  • Investigate the connections between three dimensional objects, their shadows, and make your own sundial.
  • Find out how to create and mix different colours of lights.
  • Mix colours into brown, and then try unmixing them.
  • Learn about binocular rivalry and test your own peripheral vision.


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