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STEM Hour: Overcoming the gender bias in early STEM education

May 2, 2024 - May 2, 2024

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In this one-hour STEM Hour, we are thrilled to have award-winning astrophysicist, author, and the Australian Government Women in STEM Ambassador Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith with us to explore the importance of early STEM education and overcoming the gender bias in STEM.


Developing strong STEM identities is especially important for young girls. This is because girls’ participation in STEM education is negatively impacted by gender stereotypes and implicit biases by the time they are six years old. A shocking statistic.


On the other hand, children who are engaged and included in rich STEM learning experiences from infancy develop strong STEM identities and cognitive abilities — such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity — as well as resilient thinking dispositions and learning mindsets. This is why there’s increasing recognition of early childhood as the critical window for STEM education, particularly for girls.


This STEM Hour is essential viewing for educators planning to nominate themselves or their service in the Little Scientists Early STEM Education Awards 2024: Australia’s only dedicated awards to recognise STEM excellence in early childhood education. Nominating in either category calls on educators and teachers to critically reflect upon the STEM gender stereotypes and implicit gender biases that permeate our society and to showcase how this can be overcome through intentional, informed, and inspirational early STEM teaching practices. Learn more about the nominating in the awards here.


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