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STEM Air Workshop ; Perth WA

July 29, 2024 - July 29, 2024

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Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia 3/41 Walters Dr, Osborne Park WA 6017

Could you squash a plastic bottle without ever touching it? Or break a ruler with a single sheet of newspaper? Come along to this much-loved Air Workshop to explore why air is so much more than ‘nothing’ and dive into the fascinating pedagogical topic: metacognition in early childhood. 


STEM topic: Air


In this hands-on, interactive workshop, you will learn how to create rich STEM learning experiences in your service through the exciting topic of air and use it as a topic through which to teach the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Activities may include:


  • Use air to submerge a submarine and bring it back to the surface.
  • Try to blow up a balloon with a plastic bottle and then transport the balloon inside that same bottle.
  • Catch as much air as possible in a soap bubble.
  • Explore the differences between hot and cold air and how you can feel and hear air.
  • Test how well a round object and an angular object prevent a tea light from being extinguished.
  • Try to move objects, paint, and even odours using air.
  • Catch, trap and make air visible.
  • Find out the fastest way to empty a full bottle of water.
  • Find a way to measure the volume of the air we breathe.


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